Thai Boobs

Did you know that I like big boobs on Thai girls? I guess most of you have nothing against big round breasts, either. It’s kind of hard to find busty Asian girls because normally teen Asians are rather petite and small chested, but of course there are always exceptions to the rule as you can see when you look at Mo Chada from Thai Cuties. Mo is in her early twenties and loves to show off her big boobs. Even when she is not busy with modeling shoots for fashion or men’s magazines she loves to wear skin tight tops and t-shirts that reveal more than a glimpse of her great cleavage. In one of the newest updates on Thai Cuties Mo can be seen handling a pink vibrator to lead your attention a bit further south. Her Thai tits are really awesome and she knows how to tease her trimmed pussy with the penetrating toy.

Busty Filipina

I am addicted to busty Filipina girls :-) There was used to be a site called Filipina Archives that was full of busty Filipina teens a few years back, but the site got sold and converted to a Filipino porn blog. All the awesome Pinay nudes are gone :-( One of my favorite models was a girl named Geselyn. This Cebu beauty would always have a killer smile on her face and carry her big tits and shaved Filipina pussy with pride. Unlike a lot of other models Geselyn was not shy at all. It seems she enjoyed having her nudes taken and wanted them to be seen by as many people as possible. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon her images by accident. Seems like some of her images are used for advertising by online marketing companies these days. They are far smaller than the high-res images from membership sites, but this girls’ Filipina boobs are just so awesome. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-)

Filipina Teen Nudes

A few years back I flew to Cuba for a sex vacation to find out that most Cuban chicks had very hairy pussies. I kinda did not like the strong and curly Latina bushes so I decided to fly to the Philippines for my next vacation and to my pleasant surprise Filipina teens were hairy, too. Luckily their pubic hair was not strong and curly, but soft and long. Just soft enough that it would be delightful to suck a Filipina pussy with the juices flowing out and the natural hair adding to the raunchy smell of female joy. I found that many Filipinas who have natural hair around their Asian vagina are excellent squirters. I love it when they tremble and release all juices while experiencing orgasms. That’s why I enjoy to see good erotic Filipina nudes. However, there are just a few Filipina teen sites out there, so I am kinda happy I found Asian Jewels (site was disconnected in the meantime) the other day. The site is pretty small and rather expensive for the quantity they offer as of now, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for some more Filipina nude atrt updates from this new asian teen nude site.

Thai Teen Whore

From western point of view Thai girls have funny names. Translated to English they have funny meanings like animals or everyday life situations. However, some meanings of Thai girls’ names are pretty easy to understand such as Joy or Apple :-) Apple is a Bangkok girl who is making some extra cash by dancing nude in agogo bars. That where the busty Thai whore got picked up by a guy who calls himself Mister Kinkade. This horny senor is a professional porn actor. He and his dirty white camera team are on an eternal sex pilgrimage around Asia. They made a whole website out of this: Thai porn on Siam Slam. Apple is one of the few very busty Thai girls who acts for them. It’s bretty hard to find big Thai boobs as most Thai teens are rather petite and skinny, but Apple wins big for her large Thai boobs and her horny smile. A perfect Asian teen from Thailand.